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If you reserve accommodation for YUKATA located in Izu Kogen, Izu Peninsula, you can experience 3 major reservation benefits.


Reservation benefit ①

As a souvenir, Izu's Green-tea "Guricha" is offered! Speaking of Shizuoka Prefecture, a famous locality of tea! For those who make reservations during the period, Yukata will offer fresh green tea (grilled green tea). Very popular as a souvenir of the Izu Kougen. Please enjoy the good smell of the fine tea of ​​the deep steamed tea process unique to Izu.


Reservation benefit ②

With Izu's signature brand lotion "Natural Life", get moisturized and gloss skin. Please feel free to experience the lotion of "Izu Natural Life" registered with the Izu brand during the stay, and try the beautifying effect of Izu Oshima's natural bittern and deep water lotion containing natural minerals. It is provided by YUKATA.


Reservation benefit ③

YUKATA (Yukata) Experience makes traveling even more enjoyable! Why don't you try to take a walk in a tasteful city with a yukata? Yukata-clothing can be rented for free and we can introduce a walk course of Izu. We accept reservation in advance.

* We are looking for photos and experience wearing yukata from guests of the YUKATA! (Yukata purchase also underway)


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