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Amidst the need for an innovative plan for villa management, Neo · Resort Home "YUKATA" that was born in Izu in the summer of 2018 creates a completely new style of accommodation that combines the original charm of a villa with new value.

We would like to provide a place and opportunity for everyone to be excited, in which people gathered as a "place to join" for everyone, and we would like to further create a new culture.

Neo Resort Home that that packed with impression and excitement.
We hope this place will be used as many types of communication and making memories, such as an accommodation destination for three generations of families who usually live separately, a comfortable "house," a place to have fun with fellow close friends, a place that gets excited at girls 'talk, and a place to experience the terrace house.


Please visit Neo · Resort Home "YUKATA" that is creating and raising with everyone involved!


Neo · Resort Home initiative starting with "YUKATA"

During the economic growth period,
Domestic population concentrated in urban areas, so, people in the city started to live in the hustle and bustle busy days.

From the reactionary, many villa areas were built in the suburbs from the desire to spend time in rural areas with nature when it is a holiday. 
In this way, after an era when attention was focused on villa land development, the villa owner of that time also aged, and the owning cottage is nearly vacant house which was the luxurious villa area.
A large number of vacant facilities with extremely low utilization rate remained.

Today, there are various types of accommodation facilities appeared, and depending on the usage of the user, it was an era where "how to stay" can be chosen freely.
In addition to conventional hotels and inns, cottages,
a pension, and a guest house, matching guest house services by intermediaries, auto camp facilities, and so on, accommodations of various styles have appeared,
As we develop new value and customer needs, users who choose a villa are steadily decreasing. 
Under such circumstances, the number of villa owner who thinks to want to give away the vacant villa of ownership also increased, but that is also quite difficult. 

On the other hand, depending on the villa ground, there are villa that continue to have the same value as a luxury resort hotel from the location that have universal value not dragged by the times.

The old villa has nostalgic feelings unique to old private houses and tasteful depth that has popularity which is still unchanged.
Especially for those young generation who live in their childhood at a rural house where grandparents live.


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