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別荘貸切民泊|伊豆遊方 YUKATA.VILLAのログ

Welcome! ~ Traveling to fulfill the heart ~

Mindful Neo Resort Home "YUKATA"

Spend your luxurious holiday that in a hideout villa!

“YUKATA” located in the popular tourist area of the Izu Peninsula, offering a comfortable accommodation service in a private space that feels like a hideout. Ito is a great place to enjoy the view of the sea from the Izukogen / Futo area. You can also enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji from here as well. How about turning your traveling experience up a notch? Mt. Omuroyama, Shaboten Zoological Park, Izu Granpal Park, Golf course, and the vast Ocean. It is also located close to the bath house, art museum and others. At “YUKATA” you can enjoy the nature, enjoy sports, interacting with animals, and enjoy the unique activities of the Izu Peninsula. It is a perfect place to create memories on family trips with children. Or, you can bring your old friends whom you haven’t met in a while and party it up. If this is what you are seeking for, why not draw your own travel plan on the charming Izu peninsula?

We at “YUKATA” will help you create your unforgettable journey.

Vision & Mission

Amidst the need for an innovative plan for villa management, Neo · Resort Home “YUKATA” that was born in Izu in the summer of 2018 creates a completely new style of accommodation that combines the original charm of a villa with new value.


YUKATA also provides accommodation & event planning services, tour guide service in IZU area according to multiple needs. 

YUKATA's Facilities

In 2018, we took the opportunity to renovate an elegant villa with two-story steel frame built in the Showa 60's (1980) to the local architects and designers in Izu.

YUKATA's Benefits

If you reserve accommodation for Yukata located in Izu Kogen, Izu Peninsula, you can experience 3 major reservation benefits.



YUKATA's Access

1317-1737 Futo, YiDong City, Shizuoka Prefecture 

Inquiries Phone number: 03-6886-8058 (9: 00-18: 00)

Since we are out of the office often, you might not be able to reach us. 

Please do not hesitate to use inquiry mail.


About personal information protection

When you use "inquiry" or "reservation via the Internet" through this website, we will handle the customer's personal information necessary for accommodation, but without your consent. We shall not disclose to third parties, personal information may be disclosed in the following cases.

■ When the customer agrees to disclose personal information.

■ When you are required to disclose by law.

■ When you are requested to disclose from a public institution such as a court or police.

When you register your e-mail address, you can get 10% off for first-time limited accommodation discount coupon!

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