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       In 2018, we took the opportunity to renovate an elegant villa with two-story steel frame built in the Showa 60's (1980) to the local architects and designers in Izu.

        It is built in the Izu Shizuoka prefecture Ito Heights and Futo area at a somewhat high altitude (altitude of about 400 m), and you can enjoy a stunning ocean view. In terms of facilities, we also focused on ecology and introduced solar water heater. On a sunny day, you can enjoy bathing with plenty of hot water while watching the spectacular view. 3 tatami-style Japanese rooms, a kitchen, 2 verandas, 2 toilets, a bathroom, a parking lot (2 trams can be parked side by side).
As a resort accommodation facility in a new style surrounded by the sea, mountains, and greenery and blessed with natural environment - As Neo · Resort Home, we propose new ways of enjoying free trips not found in hotels and inns.
From the first-class architects we received the following evaluation on the building facilities of "YUKATA".

  Evaluation from the first-class architects regarding the building facilities of "YUKATA".

   In recent years, there has been the emergence of LCC, the occurrence of new styles such as local railroad boom, Grand Ping, the traveler style has expanded for the general public.
Among them, I would like to pay attention to staying at a villa. Unlike hotels and inns, there is no special hospitality, but no other guests.You can enjoy free space freely, you can enjoy local than hotel.

  I would like to introduce one villa in the building near Izu's Omuroyama this time.
        First, the location of the building. It is a building built on the slope of Izu Heights / Futo area at an altitude of about 400 m.
Like Beverly Hills, you can enjoy a wonderful ocean view. The color of Izu Sea is different from Tokyo Bay.
Izukogen is a ground made of lava by volcanic eruption of ancient times, so it is strong against earthquakes.
Of course, it is good against the tsunami that can be confirmed that the altitude of 400 m is a safe area and that there is no problem with the hazard map of Ito city.

      The exterior of the building is an appearance that it seems to be not a feeling of high class or fashionable feeling.

      It does not have history as much as it can be called an old private house. It has become a somewhat comfortable appearance. Surprisingly, such buildings are rare.
It is an appearance that feels nostalgia, but maintenance is done firmly.
Cracks and large defects on the outer wall are not observed, and the deterioration of the building will be small.
Originally this building was certified industrialized housing performance by the Minister of Construction and was built at Daiwa House, so quality is guaranteed.
Although the evaluation criteria are changed depending on the timing, safety such as structural strength and fire protection performance, habitability such as ventilation and sound insulation performance, durability, etc. are evaluated, and you can see the commitment at the time of construction.

      Let's look inside the building. Enter the entrance from the two car parks via the pouch.

        There is a hall, and you can access the Japanese room, the first floor living room, and the second floor.
On the first floor there is a modern open kitchen and you can cook happily with friends.
Of course, storage is also sufficient with the latest system kitchen. Moreover, the living room has a large window of two-sided daylighting, and it is a bright space.
I am sure you will enjoy talking while enjoying a magnificent view. You can enjoy the ocean view from the large veranda which is the characteristic of the first floor.
It would be nice to look at the ocean in the veranda's garden chair. The bathroom is also arranged where the sea can be seen.

       The second floor is simple and has a large western style room and two Japanese style rooms of about 4 tatami mats.

         When coming with friends, you can divide the bedroom.There is a small balcony on the second floor but you can enjoy a magnificent view from there.
There are windows in each of the Japanese rooms and you can enjoy the scenery full of nature. The window of the Japanese room is a nice contrivance to be a little smaller so that you can imagine the spread of space.
Because the ingenuity from the designing time was seen everywhere, and the materials at the time of construction were abundant. It is understood that it was a building that was respected by the owner since that time.
It would be one style of a wonderful journey to spend a luxurious time at a villa that was revived in contemporary style through renovation by local designers. 

Facility layout


間取り 建物 ネオ・リゾートホーム遊方YUKATA
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